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This is a draft of the about us.

What in your life is predictable? Even in the best case scenario, especially as a parent, which rarely happens, things don’t unravel in a predictable manner most of the time.

That is what the “Unscripted Parent” is about. As parents, things happen that are not necessarily in our control both in our ‘parenting lives’ as well as in the other aspects of our lives.

This blog is made up of two parents, not ‘necessarily’ related.

The first (me) is a newly single father of two mostly wonderful daughters (kidding, somewhat) ages 8 and 10. I am 45 years old and I was happily married for a small portion of the almost 15 years we were actually married. While my wife is actually a great person, we are certainly not great together.  My daughters are very smart, active kids that are completely different personality wise, despite the fact they are twins (yes they are two years apart in age) thanks to the fact we needed IVF to have them.

Insert single mom here… lol.

Newly single mom, here. I struggle with that term and the title of “single mom” because this life was not what I had planned when I got married and decided to have a child. Our seemingly idyllic little family life unraveled in mere moments, proving that life is in fact, quite unpredictable. How my son and I came to be in this position is a long, sordid tale. One which I may or may not choose to tell at some point in the future.

For now, I accept the fact that for the most part I am on my own, stumbling my way through raising a happy, healthy productive member of society. Well I am nothing if not resilient, so when I discovered I would be “going it alone” I merely picked up the pieces, wiped away the tears and took that difficult first step forward on my own.

Raising children is difficult. I believe there is one character trait every parent should possess (single parent or otherwise). That trait is RESILIENCE. Not a trait of yours? No worries. You can practice. Every day affords us a new opportunity to bend and grow. That is not to say that I don’t struggle, don’t stress, don’t sweat. I am not superhuman. I am a mom. I am a fighter. Yes, I cry. Yes, I get angry. But at a certain point you have to calm down and realize that the struggles are opportunities to learn. Above all though, through our struggles I have learned this very important lesson – we are not alone.

Friends, family, loved ones and mere acquaintances have stepped up and given us hope, given us comfort, given us joy. Each day brings new challenges and sometimes I feel overwhelmed and hopelessly alone. Then just one kind word from a friend or one smile from my brilliant 11-year-old son and everything seems right.




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